Travels to Tonsai

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My story starts out flying into the Krabi International airport finding a man who is coming from Canada to meet his wife and kids. He sat next to me on the plane and told me how he lives his life in Thailand. He boasts about the cheaper lifestyle and meager earnings that allowed him to retire here and live like a king. I was excited to hear his happiness as it sank right through as if he had found a new heaven from his previous life. Now I was more excited to see this town that he couldn’t stop boasting about.

First stop Krabi Town – So the area you want to fly into is Krabi to get to Tonsai. It’s more commonly associated with Aonang Beach, but I decided to stay in town to hit the night markets. This was a more relaxed area, much different than the Phuket or Bangkok vibe.  The accommodations are more for travel groups and couples looking to explore a more locals view than the touristy areas. After a week in Thailand you have seen just about everything they could sell you, because they have already tried. So after a night I realized that this wasn’t for me and moved on to my Bungalow in Tonsai that I was so excited about.

Tonsai – Not so easy to get to, especially if you have luggage. First from Krabi town you must venture to Aonang to get to another boat. The boat will take you to Railay beach which is right next to Tonsai, but you have to rock climb a bit to get to that island… That’s right you literally have to climb rocks and venture along the beach to get there. When traveling, the story is half the win. Adventure comes in different forms and not always welcome when you need to get there before sundown.  It’s half as bad as you might think and even a novice could handle it decently but I wouldn’t recommend it for Grandma or Uncle Bob with the bad knee he always tells you about…

The Village of Tonsai is a U shaped with a walk path that leads to the beach. The dense group of trees in the center of the beach making it hard to see the bungalows or anything late at night. This is a crowd of younger travelers, vagabonds, backpackers, and interesting characters. The people you will meet come from most parts of the world, especially Australia and Canada. I came alone but never felt alone here, someone was always trying to get me to join them. Especially in the morning when they are booking private tours, but most of the time you can just hang back and rock climb with a crew. In the mornings it seems as if the walls are sometimes moving from the early bird climbers, scaling walls for a morning wake up. I would recommend the trip to the adventurous travelers looking for something different.